Andrey Mikhaylyuk

ex-VP of Product at Flo Health | 17+ years in Product Management
Expert Guidance for Your Product Growth
With over 17 years of experience in product management, I am an expert at transforming products into top performers in their industry. As a product executive and advisor, I have helped numerous companies achieve their business goals by providing strategic guidance and tactical execution.

I specialize in helping companies build digital products that meet customer needs and drive revenue growth. From user research to product strategy and conversion funnel optimization, I provide the expertise you need to take your product to the next level.
What's on the menu?
Product advisory
2-4 hours
/ a month
Just curious
starting from 1 hour
Ok, so what if my problem is beyond your listed options?
I'd be happy ta talk to you no matter what. Contact me, there's a nice button for that just above this bubble. Or a handful of them at the bottom of this page.
How's that "Product Growth as a Service" thing different from advisory or consulting services?
Consider you're hiring a great product growth expert - but part-time. I have reasons to state that may work better than full-time hiring a mediocre one.
Want me to talk at your event?
I'd enjoy that, let's get in touch!

Those folks right below have definitely enjoyed that too.